Sunday, January 25, 2015

Of Dragons and Books and Trees

A few weeks ago,
I discovered an eBay seller who sells miniature books
in both 1:12 dollhouse size and 1:6 play scale.

I ordered Dragonology: The Complete Book of Dragons
in 1:12. I was so interested, that I purchased the full size person copy.
I loved it so much, that I purchased the 1:6 size as well.

I love how the pages are a tactile experience!
There are sections to touch and little cards or small pages
to read within the book.

Ella's 1:16 copy arrived on Friday afternoon
along with more packages for Amaya.

Saturday morning, our ADAD topic was "shiny".
Ella and I were looking through my version of Dragonology.
Ella loved the shiny sample of dragon scales on this page!

Sunday morning, our ADAD topic was "simple".
Amaya wanted to get in on the theme.
It is simple to find a book when you only have one book
with words and pictures in it!
She chose her copy of Dragonology.

Another topic of creative interest in my house
has been the topic of how to make a tree house for dolls.
I have wondered for years how to make one,
and who to make one for (which size dolls should it fit).

This morning, I discovered resin trees, tree stumps, and structures
meant for aquarium fish or reptiles in a terrarium.
They could make a good base for a small tree house.
Amaya gathered up her similar size friends to vote on purchasing
this aquarium tree trunk.

The dimensions read 9.8 x 9.8 x 14.4 inches,
so it should be about 14 inches tall.
That means that if Amaya stands in the hole in the middle,
I will be lucky if she is tall enough to see over the bottom edge,
especially at the taller edges.

So, either they will get a GIANT tree,
or it will end up being shared among the 4-8 inch dolls,
depending on who fits with the tree and how it works.
But, it could end up being a fun photo prop.

If I end up making a tree house to go on top of it,
I just may need to find a pet dragon to live in the hole in the trunk!

Dragons and Books and Trees,
Oh My!

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  1. Well you have been busy! I love the books and the tree is gorgeous, it'd make a super base for a tree house. You could have one of those tiny Christmas tree decoration bird houses attached to the side too! LOL Have I enabled you? Hope so, as I'd love to see this project all done :)
    Hugs Sharon in Spain x