Sunday, January 18, 2015

Indoor Activities

January is a good month for indoor activities and craft projects.
Yesterday, I wallpapered the dollhouse kitchen.

ADAD 17: 1/17/15: In My House
"I found some eggs in the refrigerator. know there is no stove?"

The dollhouse is coming along.
I love that it looks like a house
and is no longer a box of wooden pieces!

Ella sat on the edge of the upper floor as the morning sun passed.
Beautiful winter portrait!

When I was at the hardware store for painter's tape,
I looked for a metal base 
to use in posing Amaya.
I found a round door pull among the hinges
and handles for cabinets.
It isn't as strong as I'd like, but it works!

I found these wonderful 1:6 scale books on eBay.
They are well done, illustrated, and include text. 
They are quite expensive, but I love them!
I cut wood strips down to the desired size, glued them,
and painted them.
These are bookends for Ella's collection of these books.
I am open to finding something to put on the edges of the bookends,
but the brilliant thing about them is that I used museum wax to hold them 
to her dresser. The wax holds the bookends down so that the book
doesn't open up and push them away.

ADAD 18: 1/18/15: Exercise
Ella practiced beginning yoga positions.       

While I looked for something to use as a possible yoga mat,
I found my Lati Yellow Special dolls.
I found that, at 8 inches, they were very big
compared to my 4.5 inch Fairyland PukiPuki.
Then, I realized that I had not done a family portrait since her arrival.

We wish you all a time of love with your family
and friends, and the creativity to fill those inside
winter days!

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  1. The new house is coming along very nicely. Cute family portrait too!