Monday, January 5, 2015

Spampy Stuff

Jenifer, aka "Spampy" creates doll clothes for small dolls
mostly on a commission basis.

Her clothes have been among my favorites for years.
She has made wardrobe "staples" like blue jeans, khaki pants,
and t-shirts as well as stylish knit outfits for my BJDs.
Even though I do have clothes for my dolls made by other people,
including myself, they most often end up in their Spampy Stuff.

Shortly after she arrived, I purchased two Spampy shirts for Ella
second hand. I made a pair of white shorts to go with them.

As summer quickly turned to fall after her arrival,
I purchased a long sleeve strawberry shirt for her second hand.

I was able to purchase directly from Jenifer a pair of pajamas in a new style.
She had made them as a sample, and sold them through a group.
They have little elephants on them. She sent a little elephant puppet with them.
They are still a favorite pajama set!

I emailed her and got on her waiting list to commission clothes for Ella.
Ella's fall order consisted of blue jeans, a blue floral shirt,
Christmas pajamas, and a pink/purple skirt outfit.

As the weather continued to get cooler, 
I emailed Jenifer again for another order.
She emailed me just before my Christmas break
to confirm my order.
A few days later, my PukiPuki arrived.
I emailed her again and asked if I could add PukiPuki
clothes to my open order.
She graciously accepted the addition to my order,
which left me in good timing to get warmer, nicer clothes for my little one.

Although most of Ella's clothes are basic pieces to go with
clothes she already has, I like to add a more fashionable and fun outfit
to my orders. This black and purple hoodie dress is so cool!

I am also thrilled with the outfits for my PukiPuki!
Now she has a few super cute, but more normal looking clothes to wear.

If you are interested in Spampy Wear, this is her website:

This is her Flickr group for more Spampy fun!

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