Friday, July 24, 2015

A Visit to Taos

July 22, 2015

After lunch, we visited the Taos Plaza area.

The Governor Bent Museum is near John Dunn Plaza,
which is next to the main plaza area.

 Charles Bent (November 11, 1799- January 19, 1847)
was appointed the first governor of the territory of 
New Mexico in September 1846.
Governor Bent was assassinated during a rebellion in 1847.

The museum has many pieces that were used in daily life
in New Mexico during the 1800's.

This dress belonged to Governor Bent's wife,
who was a sister to Kit Carson's wife.

We continued walking to the plaza.
Taos Plaza was a part of the community of Taos 
built by Spaniards in the 1790's.

It has been a part of Taos history across time.

Taos Plaza

One thing I learned after my last visit to Taos
is that this statue is of the son Severino Martinez,
who was the original owner and builder of the Martinez Hacienda.
Antonio Jose Martinez studied to become a priest
and served Taos from 1826 to 1867.

In addition to the shops in the Taos Plaza,
there are interesting shops and pieces of history
in the surrounding area. This is the outside of a shop
called Taos Blue.

Our last stop for the day was the Overland Sheepskin Company
which is on the edge of Taos and the Taos Pueblo field.
There are several shops on this property with a log cabin feel to them.

I chose to visit here because of the garden.

There is a pond with a small waterfall near a cafe.

Ella and Amaya enjoyed the flowers and Aspen trees.
I loved the feel of the property with log cabins and trees
and flowers.

I love these windmills. They are also in a few places in Santa Fe.
These are on the back of the Overland lot where there is a field of 
grass and a garden that looked like it was growing food products
such as herbs, fruits, and vegetables for the cafe.

Kaya posed on the edge of the Taos Pueblo field
with the blue sky and the mountains behind her.

As we left the property,
the sun shone extra brightly for a moment
as if to say "Thank you for stopping by!"

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