Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Tingley Beach with Zero

Yesterday, we went to Tingley Beach.
Tingley Beach is a series of 4 man-made fishing ponds.
It also has quite a few ducks and geese!
It has been a favorite place for years.

A younger local member of the BJD group messaged the group
through Facebook, stating that she wanted to learn more about doll photography.
I have been doing it for 15 years, so I let her know that I was available.
She had never been to Tingley Beach, so we decided that it would be
an interesting free location for photography.

Her BJD is an MSD named Zero.

The first step was to set him down and to learn how to work the
auto feature on her camera, allowing it to focus and then take the photo.

The geese were an interesting backdrop/photobomb.
Many visitors feed the ducks and geese, so they are interested
enough in people to look to see if they have food.

This one was an original. She said it looked like a turkey.
I don't know if this is some kind of duck breed, an inbred duck,
or a duck with some kind of tumor.
It was one of a kind at this location.

Tingley Beach is a part of the Bio Park property.
It is located between the zoo and the botanic gardens.

All of the geese and ducks have access to medical care
through the zoo vets, so if this is a tumor of any kind,
I am sure that zoo personnel are aware of it and has decided on
treatment or allowing the duck to live with it.
If this is a breed of duck, I would be interested to know what it is.

We continued to explore and photograph the features of the park

This artwork boat is on the edge of the pond reserved
for model boaters.

My next love at the park is the mountain fountain.

We were very lucky that children were not climbing all over it
when we visited it and took our turn taking photos around it.
This is a popular place for climbing and wading children,
especially in warm and hot weather!

There is a stream from the pond in the fountain
running into the children's fishing pond.

We walked to the other side of the children's pond
and arrived at the main pond.

The main pond has paddle boats for rent during the summer.
We had seen at least one child care or Bio Park camp group
on the property. Older children were paddling the boats
with an adult in the back seat. One used it as a bumper car
to run into another group member/friend, which is how the boats
all ended up so close together.
When it was time to go in, they all went together
as if they were racing.

ADAD In Between

It was a great photo op for the ADAD theme of "in between"!

Zero sat on another log and waited for his person
to return from the drinking fountain in the nearby building.

Ella decided to be a good friend and join him.

Our next resting spot was near the south end of the main pond
A goose sat in the bushes, and my friend asked if it was sitting on eggs.

When it got up for a few minutes,
I was able to photograph the nest with 2 eggs.

We then walked to the end of the main pond.
Look, my favorite cottonwood root!!!

Then, I felt something on my arm. I am getting tired of being
eaten by bugs when I go out and have become mindful
of shooing bugs away before I am bitten.
But, it wasn't a flying bug! It was a caterpillar
that probably dropped from a tree or was on the table
where we rested. I picked it up and put it on a  tree.

Back to the cottonwood root!

Look! You can see the pond through the other side!!!

Duck!!! What?
A duck photobomb!!!

"You guys have anything for me to eat?
It is lunch time...always!!!"

I showed my friend the last pond. It is a quieter pond.
I tend to see individuals here rather than the families that

are found at the main pond.

Zero agreed!
This is a perfect place to rest!

"Wake up, Zero!!!"

"My turn for a photo!!!!"

"Yawn...yeah... it is time to go!
Thanks for the visit kid, but I'm ready to go home."

So, we walked back to the car and drove our friends home.

It was a fun morning outing, but like the duck said,
it was time for lunch!


  1. Great photos, a lovely place to visit and photograph dolls!

  2. Lovely photos! And I think the little guy with the red face is a Muscovy duck.

    1. Thanks for the tip on the duck breed! I looked it up online, and I believe that you are correct! I am glad that the facial features are a part of its breed and is not an illness or deformity. It really caught our attention!