Friday, July 24, 2015

Canyon Road

July 23, 2015

When we visited Santa Fe on Monday, it was Voir's trip.
Before Voir had arrived, Amaya had a trip to Santa Fe.
On our way home from Taos, it was Ella's turn to see Santa Fe.

There are some amazing sites and homes in the historic
areas around the Santa Fe plaza.
The area that we visited was Canyon Road.
Canyon Road has some residences, but mostly houses
art galleries. Even if you don't go inside, there are plenty 
of sculptures and culture on this road!

My main interest in visiting Canyon Road was to see a historic house.
I believe these are the offices of the Historic Santa Fe Foundation.

Years ago, I was with my mom during the winter.
She tended to spend more time in galleries than I do,
so I end up taking pictures of dolls outside.
I found this place and photographed it in the winter
with icicles hanging down.
I wanted to see how the garden looks in the summer.
The house is known as "El Zaguan". It is a historic residence.

The wicker chairs on the porch remind me of the early 1900's.

There were lots of flowers in the garden!
I found the iron chairs to be particularly interesting
among the flowers.

There were doors along the hall, but they were all
marked as private apartments.
I did not see any inside rooms to visit as at some historical sites.

After visiting the garden, we continued walking up Canyon Road.

I love this two story building!
It does appear to be a gallery, at least on the bottom floor,
but it reflected a local historical combination of architectural styles.

 More galleries, more art...

I was interested in a Meeting House that looks like
it is for Quakers, or a similar group.
It looked like a peaceful place for silent reflection.

 We walked a little further before turning around
to go back to the car.

Before we leave Canyon Road,
these are few images that are not mine,but leave an impression of Canyon Road.

We returned to where we had started,
but this sculpture must have been sold a long time ago.

I was planning on leaving Santa Fe, but I had another issue.
Home was an hour away, and I needed to use the restroom.

I parked in my favorite parking lot behind the cathedral.
I used the restroom in the La Fonda Hotel,
and Ella got her own trip around the plaza.

St. Francis Cathedral

Monday had been Voir's trip.
Ella had stayed in my bag until we took a group picture.
Thursday was sunny, so out Ella came for her walk around plaza.

The Governor's Palace

New Mexico Museum of Art

The Plaza

 End of the Santa Fe Trail

Loretto Chapel

The Inn and Spa at Loretto

Time is up on the parking. It is time to go.


We'll come back another time.
But now, it is time to return home.
Don't give me that look.
We had a nice visit on Canyon Road.
It is just time to go home now.

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