Friday, July 24, 2015

Adios Voir

July 20, 2015

Voir arrived on June 22nd.
After a month of visiting, it was time for Voir to go home.
But, I wanted to give her one last outing before she went home.

I took Voir to the Santa Fe Plaza 
for a memorable ending to her trip.

One of the things that is notable about the plaza is that
it is the end of the Santa Fe Trail.

Voir was delighted to see such a significant marker.

The Santa Fe Plaza is a part of the historic district
with a unique Santa Fe feel and look.

We continued walking east toward the Saint Francis Cathedral.
The La Fonda Hotel is on the corner.

I noticed the gray clouds over the east.
With recent rains, I was determined to make the most of our visit,
but to not be too far away from my car as I didn't want Voir to get wet.

The Saint Francis Cathedral is the center of the Catholic faith
in New Mexico.

Voir proudly posed in front of the busy basilica.

This row of business is across the street from
the St. Francis Cathedral.

We next moved on to the Loretto Chapel.
It is a Gothic style chapel that was built for the Sister of Loretto.
The group of nuns came as teachers in Santa Fe
when it was a territory of the U.S.

Voir was thrilled to be photographed with the 
miraculous staircase.

There once were school buildings next door
to the Loretto Chapel. 

The Inn and Spa at Loretto is
now attached to the side of the chapel.
Visitors exit into the hall of the Inn and Spa at Loretto.

The Inn and Spa at Loretto

We continued on past other historic buildings in the Santa Fe plaza area.

Our next stop was the San Miguel Chapel.
The San Miguel Chapel is the oldest chapel in the United States
and is next to the oldest house in the United States.

We turned around and walked back toward the plaza.

Voir wanted another photo of the St. Francis Cathedral
in the distance as seen from the plaza.

The potted plants are in the road to block the rock from traffic.
There is a heavy stream of tourists during the summer, so only the road
straight through the plaza is open. The surrounding roads are closed.

I checked the clouds in the east again to determine
how long we might have before it rained.

We walked to the opposite corner in the plaza
for a view of the New Mexico Art Museum
and the governor's palace, where a line of Pueblo artists
sell their arts to visitors.

New Mexico Art Museum

Palace of the  Governors
The palace of the governors' is noted as the oldest
public building in the United States.

We went to the Five and Dime for a few more postcards
to send home with Voir. Once upon a time, the Five and Dime
was a Woolworth's.

We finished our visit to the plaza and walked back
down toward San Francisco street toward the parking structure.

The Santa Fe Historic Hilton was located across the street
from the parking structure. I had stayed here once, and
remembered the fountain outside. I decided it would be a good place
for Voir to say "good-bye" to Ella and Amaya.

We had a wonderful visit! Thank you for coming to visit us!

Voir caught her transportation home at the Ranchos de Taos
Post Office, right next door to the Saint Francis de Asis
Mission Church in Ranchos de Taos. I had proceeded back
to Taos to visit my mom again. Voir's visit had come full circle
as she had visited the church at the beginning of the month and had done
what we had to offer her during this time.

Adios Voir!

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