Monday, July 27, 2015

Under the Crab Apple Tree

We have 2 more weeks of summer vacation.
I am spending some time at home,
but I did go out to explore the crab apple tree.

I brought my bunny and we played around the tree trunk 
and the roots of the tree.

There were lots of crab apples on the ground!

We have had a lot of rain this summer.
The grass is really green. Grass and small plants and trees are growing!
There is even moss on the ground!

I really liked being able to play in the shade
because it is hot during the day!

We liked playing under the tree.

Then I spread out my blanket and took out my books.

I picked "Little Red Riding Hood" to read to my bunny.

It is fun to read during the summer!


ADAD Asleep

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