Friday, July 24, 2015

American Girl Mini Kaya

I buy one expensive doll a year, but tend to buy a less expensive doll
during the summer. This year's summer doll is the AG mini Kaya.
She made herself right at home in a tipi just her size!

 I have three American Girl mini dolls.

I have the whole original Josefina collection,
including the original mini Josefina with the inset eyes
and the older book.

Nellie is from Samantha's story line.
She has the painted eyes and the cloth body.

Kaya is from the 2014 "Beforever" line.
She has painted eyes and an all vinyl body.
I absolutely love how perfect she is!

I also have Josefina's cloth doll "Nina" and Kaya's leather doll.
I have had a side interest in Native American dolls for many years.

Kaya had a wonderful photo opportunity to visit
Taos, NM with me.

The Taos Drum Company has a collection of tipis
in front of the store. This is visible from the highway.

Later in the afternoon, we went to the Overland Sheepskin Company.
Their property has a log cabin look with a beautiful garden.
It is also on the edge of the Taos Pueblo fields.

I don't know how active Kaya will be in my life.
I do know that this was a great location for photographs.
I am considering purchasing another Kaya and turning her into
a modern Pueblo girl for more adventures. I love Kaya in her traditional
Nez Perce plains attire.

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