Sunday, July 5, 2015

Petroglyph National Monument

Petroglyph National Monument
Boca  Negra Canyon

This morning, the ADAD theme for the day was "hot".
What is hotter than the color black in the summer sun?
How about black rocks?
New Mexico is geologically known as the "volcano state".
There are many black volcanic rocks in the local landscape.
However, I decided that it would be more interesting to go to
the petroglyph inscribed volcanic rock at Petroglyph National Monument.

We went to the small area known as Boca Negra Canyon
in the upper right corner of the shaded area.

Boca Negra Map Canyon
The solid black lines are the road.
The labeled blue lines are trails up and through
the rock covered mesa hillside.

I have never been here before.
I don't know why I thought the trails were on a dust covered mesa.
The reality of this section of the Petroglyph National Monument
is that the trails are up the rock covered mesa.

Fortunately, many petroglyphs are visible near the trail
and without having to hike up to the top.
This one was near the bridge.

The next petroglyph was only a few more feet away from the bridge.

So, I proceeded up the rocky and uneven trail
as far as I felt I could safely go with poor depth perception
for going downhill and a fear of falling; especially with a doll
and a camera in my hands!

I was happy to be able to see so many petrogylphs!

One interesting fact about this area of the park
is that it is on the outer edges of the preserved space.
Suburban neighborhoods are right next to it.

What a view as we climbed higher!

About halfway up the hill, I decided that I had come to my limit
for what I could safely hike down.
Nearby, there was a petrogylph with another rock next to it
that Ella could sit on for our ADAD photo.


A ranger mentioned that the next trail was easier,
so I continued on the next loop and walked a bit of
the third trail.

It was wonderful to see the petroglyphs in person.
I have seen photos of some of these images online.
One of the really surprising and fun aspects of nature this morning
was the millipede crawling around on this petroglyph.

Do you see the millipede behind Ella?

It finally crawled off the bottom of the rock.

Before we left, we found a rock low to the ground
next to the stairway. Ella took a closer look.

More information about the Petroglyph National Monument:

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