Thursday, July 30, 2015


Today's ADAD theme was "climb".
In an attempt to get out of my apartment and take an interesting photo,
I took Ella to a small neighborhood playground for younger children.

Ella enjoyed the opportunity to get out and play,
especially since nobody else was there!

Our favorite part was the climbing wall that looked like a rock
and had some degree of steps for climbing up it.

 Ella climbed up very carefully!

ADAD Climb

Later in the afternoon, I took Ella out to photograph
her in her new dress.

The felt cat followed her outside.

Soon, Ella was climbing up a tree root!

While I photographed her, she fell backward.
It was a good opportunity to share the capris she has on
under her dress!

 It didn't stop her from getting up and climbing again.

ADAD Climb

And of course, the cat had the last word about climbing.

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